Brisbane dehumidifiers

The year had just barely started, but many Australian cities, including Brisbane and Perth, are experiencing unbearably hot and humid weather conditions. But this is just the beginning as recent data show that Brisbane and other metropolises in the country will become hotter than the average in the next few years. The situation will be further exacerbated by the effects of global warming.

The climbing temperature plus the sweltering humidity is not helping the locals and businesses in Brisbane. Just last year, ABC reported that several high school students from the Brisbane High School collapsed, while others were rushed to the hospital because of the scorching heat and staggering humidity. Enterprises in Brisbane are also experiencing the effect of the humid weather. It’s a fact that any business north of the Sydney CBD has humidity issues.

Commercial Dehumidifers for Factories and Workplaces in Humid Brisbane

There is a growing need for commercial dehumidifiers, especially in the humid Brisbane. Whether a business is engaged in food production, health care, retail or manufacturing, it is a must that there are dehumidifiers installed in your premises. Unlike domestic dehumidifiers, commercial dehumidifiers have higher moisture removal capacities.

Recently renovated office buildings use dehumidifiers in drying out newly constructed stonework and plasterwork. Factories also have multiple uses of their dehumidifiers. A unit can be stationed in the production or the storage area. Aside from assisted drying, commercial dehumidifiers can also protect your factory or office space from dankness.

Since too much humidity can damage paper and some artifacts, businesses that store important papers, archive documents, and stockpile books and manuscript should use commercial dehumidifiers to control the humidity and temperature in the storage area. Moreover, they can prevent metal equipment and the circuitry from corroding.

For instance, Simon George and Sons, the trusted fruit and vegetable provider in Brisbane, utilise state of the art commercial dehumidifiers in ensuring the freshness of their produce. Local shopping centres are also attracting more customers, thanks to their dehumidifiers and air conditioning units. According to reports, shoppers, mostly tweens, teens and young adults, visit shops and centres to escape the hot and humid Brisbane weather since the temperature and humidity in these establishments are controlled.