Mould and mildew within the home is not an uncommon problem in some Australian houses. Wherever there is a lack of ventilation and sunlight, mould can grow. Climate is a big contributor, as well, with homes in regions that experience a lot of moisture and relatively high temperatures providing mould with the perfect growing conditions. Mould is not a sign of a neglected home, rather it is in response to climate and building design flaws or ageing. Humidity is the main culprit when it comes to mould, mildew and dampness within a house, apartment or villa. High moisture levels and high temperatures, mean water vapor in the air.

Domestic Dehumidifiers

A dehumidifier contains a fan compressor, which sucks in the outside air, and cooling coils to cool the air and remove moisture. In addition, it has a heater to dry out the air, and a reservoir to store the excess moisture removed from the air. A domestic dehumidifier can help in situations where the climate makes it impossible to use natural methods, like opening windows and doors to facilitate a good regular air flow. If it is raining much of the time, this is, of course, impossible. Another natural means is to make sure that curtains and blinds are left open to let sunlight into the house.

Mould grows where air flow and light cannot reach; and in many cases an electric domestic dehumidifier is the only way to deter this dampness and growth of mildew. Choosing the right size dehumidifier for the job at hand is the next important consideration. Dehumidifiers come in a range of sizes to meet the challenges of different sized rooms and spaces. If your domestic dehumidifier is too small to meet the demands of the room’s size, you will end up requiring multiple units within the same space.

Mould and mildew are bad for our health, there is no escaping that fact. If you have kids and or older relatives living with you, they are in particular danger of developing respiratory infections and other related ailments. Too much damp heat in the air is a recipe for all sorts of infections, viral and bacterial, to develop. A domestic dehumidifier can be the economically cost effective solution to a problem that, otherwise, means selling your home or moving house and geographic regions. This is a major expense and means uprooting everyone’s lives. A dehumidifier can remove the mould and dampness from your life.


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