Where to Buy the Best dehumidifiers in Geelong Area?

Geelong people need to brace themselves for extreme humidity these coming months. As per Australian meteorological data, the humidity level in the area will start to climb by late March and early April. In fact, it will soar steadily until July, when Geelong experiences the most humid weather condition.

Just last month, Geelong Advertiser reported that the recorded humidity in Geelong was 40 percent higher than the normal levels. Before the dampness of Geelong kitchens begins to take a toll on your health, it is advised that the Geelong people use their dehumidifiers. If they still don’t have any, they can source the best humidifiers from the following stores:

Where to Buy Dehumidifiers in Geelong?

  • Harvey Norman

420 Princes Highway, Geelong (Corio), Victoria 3214
Ph (03) 5272.9900
Store Hours: Opens at 9:00 am on Mondays to Saturdays, 10:00 am on Sundays; closing time varies

The Harvey Norman stores that can be traced in the country are owned and operated by different concessionaires. That said, the corporate’s core values and excellent customer services, which helped them receive various recognitions and accolades, are still present in all of their stores. So if you are in need of dehumidifiers in Geelong, Harvey Norman’s store in the area can help you out.

Considering the humidity levels in the area, it is a must that homeowners have their own dehumidifiers. Since some houses in the vicinity have a basement, it is of great import that Geelong people maintain the moisture level in their basement at a minimum. This way, the proliferation of mildew and moulds can be prevented. Not only that these two are common allergens, but they also cause permanent damage to your drywall and other furniture. You can buy your own dehumidifier starting at $293 from Harvey Norman – Geelong.

  • The Good Guys

Unit 1, 40-5- Fyans Street, Geelong, Victoria 3220
Ph (03) 5221.1322
Store Hours: Opens at 9:00 am during weekdays and Saturdays, 10:00 am on Sundays; closing time varies

The Good Guys started their business in Melbourne’s northern suburbs in 1952. Today, they are among the country’s biggest retailer of electrical appliances. In fact, they have 103 stores spread across Australia. Because of their impeccable customer service and good business practice, The Good Guys received numerous awards, including Electrical Store of the Year and Quality Service Award Electrical Appliance Store. If you are looking for dehumidifiers, the store sells personal, commercial and household dehumidifiers.

When looking for dehumidifiers, Geelong residents and businesses should choose the brand and model that fits their needs. For instance, homeowners are advised to purchase portable humidifiers so that they can put it anywhere in the house. That said, as this equipment can be really heavy, opt for the dehumidifier that has wheels, castors and/or handles.

  • E&S Trading

531 Moorabool St., Geelong, Victoria 3220
Ph (03) 5228.2600

E&S Trading sells one of the best performing brands of dehumidifier in the country, De’Longhi dehumidifiers. Just like the labels they represent, E&S Trading assures quality products, a special kind of customer service and distinctive business practice.

Homeowners who want to get rid of the musty odor resulting to excess humidity should use dehumidifiers. A damp place encourages the growth of mildew and moulds, which release repulsive gases that stick on your wall, furniture and textile. A dehumidifier works by sucking up the dankness in the room and cutting short the existence of those unwanted smells.

  • Appliances Online

Ph 1300 000 500

Appliances Online is a family-run eCommerce store that sells only top of the line appliances at an affordable price. What sets them apart from other online stores is that their business practice is tailored to specifically address the customer’s needs and wants. In addition, their business model is customer-centred, meaning that their goal is to make every customer’s shopping experience straightforward and enjoyable. No wonder that Appliances Online has over 300,000 loyal customers nationwide.

One of the must-have appliances they sell are dehumidifiers. When choosing the dehumidifier for your home, consider the area of the room or space you want to dehumidify. Determine its square footage so that you will be able to buy the right size that will fit the space and cover the entire room. Putting your money on the right size of the dehumidifier will ensure that the unit can efficiently remove the moisture in the room.