Marketing Home Appliances – Traditional VS Digital

This debate as to whether digital marketing has already overpowered traditional marketing of home appliances still continues. Many firms are leaning more towards digital marketing while forgetting the power of traditional marketing. In order to achieve any meaningful results in your marketing campaign of home appliances such as air conditioning, TV, dehumidifiers, oven, fridges, you have to strike a balance between using the sophistication and effectiveness of digital marketing with the reliability and efficiency of traditional marketing.

What is Traditional Marketing?

In the marketing of home appliances, traditional marketing has many facets. It includes the use of tangible marketing media such as business cards, printing advertisements in newspapers and magazines, posters, use of billboard, TV, radio and even printing brochures. Traditional marketing utilizes everything printed and non digital to market your home appliances. Traditional marketing also involves building referral from your existing consumer base through word of mouth to new prospects.

Advantages of traditional marketing

1. It helps you establish and build your brand name as a retailer or even distributor of home appliances.

2. Traditional marketing is very effective. Since it has been used for long, some people prefer reading print adverts. They still trust and believe that it is difficult to be misled by print advertisement.

3. It helps keep in touch with your local customer base as a home appliance retailer.

Disadvantages of traditional marketing

1. Traditional marketing is expensive. For a small business it will lead to added operational expenses with will reduce your profit margin.

2. It is static. It does not provide a way for you to interact with your audience.

3. It is not easy to measure the results of your marketing efforts.

What is Digital Marketing?

This is a constantly evolving and developing branch of marketing. It grows with technology. Digital marketing involves the use of digital platforms such as websites, social media, paid to click sites, use of you tube videos and use of banner ads. Today, digital marketing is proving to be one of the most effective ways to market your home applications business as nowadays there are reliable marketing services available to serve clients need and make it even more efficient.

Advantages of digital marketing

1. Digital marketing is very interactive. You have the ability to interact in real time with your target audience and get feedback on the performance of your products.

2. It is cheap. Most digital marketing platforms allow you to market your products for free. They get their profits from traffic attracted to their sites.

3. When using digital media to market your home appliances, you will be able to measure the results of your efforts easily.

Disadvantages of digital marketing

1. This type of marketing usually focuses only on the people who are constantly using Internet.

2. Out-date information is one of the disadvantages for online marketing. It needs to be updated regularly.

Junk mail – does it still work?

Even some forms of digital marketing such as email marketing tend to have low response rates. Some people still check their junk box so it can be said that the low rates of response still counts.

To get the most from your marketing home appliances, one needs to strike a balance between effective use of traditional marketing strategies and digital marketing strategies. This ensures that each type of marketing covers the weakness and the strength of the other.

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