The mining industry and related commercial industries employ dehumidification as an essential component in the extraction and processing of ore. Protection of rock drills, by removing nearly all water and particulates from the drill’s lubrication air delivery line, are one such application. Mine tunnel ventilation is another much bigger application for dehumidification in the mining industry. Removing excess moisture from mines, pits and shafts is a major factor in making mines functional for both human and machines. As many of us are aware, mining used to be extremely dangerous for human health; it can still be in some tragic cases.

Mining Industry Dehumidifiers

Mining industry dehumidifiers, have to a large degree, made mining a much safer and healthier occupation. The levels of respiratory damage experienced by miners in the late twentieth century and twenty first century are way down on what they traditionally were in industries like coal mining in earlier years. Mining industry dehumidifiers are in many ways responsible for this great improvement in air quality underground in mine shafts. These machines are expensive, but well worth the cost when they contribute to longer lives and better health outcomes for the people who work in this industry.

Dehumidifiers for mining must be built tough to endure the harsh conditions they are exposed to. Climate control during mining is essential, because most mines are located in inhospitable and extreme locations. The dehumidifiers must be high quality and reliable. Their expense must be justified by their ability to meet the challenges within these mines. With that in mind, the range of commercial dehumidifiers for the mining industry carried by us is extensive. The service and parts available are likewise comprehensive. We meet every need of our client’s requirements when it comes to servicing, repairs and replacement parts for these high end machines.

Commercial Dehumidifiers service mining companies and projects in the USA, UK, Australia, Arabia, India, Turkey, Spain, South Africa and Denmark. Our high volume sales means that we are able to meet demand quickly and efficiently. We have warehouses located at major supply chain points around the globe. Mining industry dehumidifiers are only a part of a much larger distribution of dehumidifiers for both commercial and domestic markets around the world. Commercial Dehumidifiers is committed to excellence and customer service for all our clients across every market. We make climates better for humans and machinery; we transform the impossible into the possible.

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